About Us
Ever changing healthcare reforms and government regulations, significant cuts in reimbursements for the foreseeable future and bleak economic conditions are greatly affecting the financial sustainability of healthcare providers of all sizes and shapes. The demand to deliver quality care at the lowest cost while still maintaining the highest levels of patient satisfactionis a daunting task even for the most financially sound providers.
Guava Group is a national consulting company that provides strategic and financial advisory services to healthcare providers – hospitals, healthcare systems, and physician groups of all sizes to be successful and financially sustainable. We serve for-profit as well as not-for-profit hospitals. Our clients include medium to large size hospitals, academic institutions, community hospitals and single-specialty and multi-specialty physician practices.
Guava Group helps clients increase revenue, reduce costs, standardize and streamline processes, enhance productivity in clinical as well as non-clinical settings, reduce expenses and spend, and improve clinical outcomes. We assist our clients leverage information technology in a number of areas including electronic medical records, revenue cycle management, human capital management and financial systems.
Our mission is to assist healthcare providers achieve their mission. We assist our clients to:
» Provide timely and quality care at the lowest cost, and to the highest levels of patient satisfaction
» Improve financial, operational and clinical performance for overall success of the organization
» Improve employee satisfaction through increased compensation and work-life balance
To become a trusted leader in championing the best practices in all aspects of healthcare for the ultimate goal of the highest quality care delivered at the lowest cost by clinical, technical and administrative staff of our clients.
Integrity and ethical values are the founding principles of our organization.